Social Media Marketing – Using Twitter to Promote your Products and Services

When it comes to using Twitter, keeping action words capitalized with excitement will draw attention for your viewers. If you are trying to promote yourself or other products, don’t forget to tweet about them once in a while, but be sure to tell your audience what they are about before you send them a link. With that being said, avoid spamming and false advertising with your tweets. You don’t want to lose your followers. Twitter can also be brutal about shutting down accounts that abuse the system.

First of all, I’m not going to say don’t try and promote your products or don’t give out useless information when you tweet. Twitter can be a great tool for advertising, with many public relation agencies reaching out to twitter as the latest tool for buzz marketing. It is very helpful to an individual as it makes one aware of new promotions and offers when it comes to the use of twitter. Creating an effective tweet on twitter has become one of the latest fashions on the internet. That is why people everywhere are trying to learn more and more about using it effectively through tweeting. If you want to learn how to use twitter, all you need to do is the following.

  1. Know the difference between @mentions and @replies.
  2. Know what #hastags are and when to use them.
  3. Include links when needed.
  4. Use visual media to help the make the intangible tangible.

Some examples prove this: Sony announced in February that through twitter, they had earned an extra $1.2 million in sales. Dell announced in June last year that their presence on twitter accounted for a $3 million dollar increase in sales. Never before has anyone been able to reach American consumers by the millions on such a personal, one on one basis until the phenomenon of the tweet cloud website. You can have this traffic machine working for you before the day is up. A hundred more people, who know about promotions and offers, may tell their friends, visit the website or use other social media outlets to mention @fusesix.

Once you understand what twitter is and how it works, you become addicted and maneuvering your way around these limitations will come naturally to you. So if you are going to use twitter to promote your products and services, I recommend that you make your tweets approved by twitter. Applications such as Buffer will help you stay on track; it will help you keep your marketing efforts in line with your promotions.